Best Way to Post Prints?

From: Schuyler Grace ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/29/05-03:27:52 PM Z
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The iceberg prints got me to debating, again, how best to digitize some of
my prints to post on the Web. All that I have at my ready disposal on the
hardware side are a consumer, 8 x 11 flatbed scanner and a midrange
(decent) digital camera. At this point, all the images I want to post are
from 8x10 contacts—platinum prints and a few gums--but I plan on doing some
triptychs from multiple 8x10 negatives later. Another limiting factor is
that the size of my paper is bigger than the scanner by a couple of inches
all the way around, but I could either make special prints on smaller paper
to scan or leave the lid open during the scans.

Right now, I’m leaning toward using the camera and a primitive copy stand,
but either method should yield better than screen resolution. How are other
folks out there getting this done? Any tips for scan/camera resolution and
final image size, resolution, and color depth for the Web?


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