Organization of CDs

From: joachim oppenheimer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/27/05-08:38:49 AM Z
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We are all accumulating CDs (and DVDs) for storage. It is said - and I have
no proof of this - that CDs should be stored vertically to prevent warping.
The thinner jewel cases do not lend themselves to edge writing and face
writing does not lend itself to ready retrieval. With hundreds of CDs, what
good methods for retrieval have been developed? I am storing functional CDs
(software such as drivers) in one location separate from production CDs -
that helps a little. I have thought of edge-marking by color codes to
categorize the "art" but that seems unwieldy - I currently use the thicker
jewel cases (becoming more difficult to find) and label the edges with a
typed strip - but that is still very cumbersome. Thanks for any suggestions.
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