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Date: 07/27/05-04:22:51 PM Z
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how about vertical cards taller than the height of the cd; individually
might be a pain, but sorted into groups... kind of like the way cds are
sorted in a record store


joachim oppenheimer wrote:
> We are all accumulating CDs (and DVDs) for storage. It is said - and I have
> no proof of this - that CDs should be stored vertically to prevent warping.
> The thinner jewel cases do not lend themselves to edge writing and face
> writing does not lend itself to ready retrieval. With hundreds of CDs, what
> good methods for retrieval have been developed? I am storing functional CDs
> (software such as drivers) in one location separate from production CDs -
> that helps a little. I have thought of edge-marking by color codes to
> categorize the "art" but that seems unwieldy - I currently use the thicker
> jewel cases (becoming more difficult to find) and label the edges with a
> typed strip - but that is still very cumbersome. Thanks for any suggestions.
> Joachim
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