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From: Marie Wohadlo ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/27/05-08:58:09 AM Z
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How about a "live archive" ---> a big disk or array? Maybe mirror it.

How many removable media have come and gone? Remember the cantankerous
Bernoulli, the omnipresent SyQuest, the cute little Zip, the humble MO
(128mb, 230mn, 1gb, etc., etc., etc.). I know that here at the Press we are
faced with a problem where our early archives are on media where the darn
drive is touchy and might actually physically overheat or just plain ol'
die while uploading info to our newest storage solution. What I'm saying is
that in the bigger picture, it IS possible that your CDs won't be readable
at some point. We've only hit the tip of the electronic iceberg, I say.

Rant over.

>good methods for retrieval have been developed? I am storing functional CDs
>(software such as drivers) in one location separate from production CDs -
>that helps a little. I have thought of edge-marking by color codes to
>categorize the "art" but that seems unwieldy - I currently use the thicker
>jewel cases (becoming more difficult to find) and label the edges with a
>typed strip - but that is still very cumbersome. Thanks for any suggestions.
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