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> anyone know what pigment "Krapplack" and "gummigutt" would be in

Everybody in New York would know that Krapplack is a kind of Jewish
crepe. Although there are many variations, sometimes it's spelled

Gummigut could be good gum, but according to my Cassell's New German
Dictionary it's gamboge.

The dictionary also has Krapp, which it defines as "madder (dye)" and
among the many meanings for "lack" is lacquer, also varnish, also veneer
of civilization.

As for pigment fading under UV light --- long long ago I did some crude
tests, exposing pigment with and without dichromate and gum, partially
covered, and not covered for about 15 minutes and 3 hours over BL
fluorescents. I forget the specifics but there was no visible fading. I
think archival tests use multiple factors, for instance heat and humidity
as well as light. But gum exposures with that setup are at most 3 minutes.
I doubt that's perceptible.

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