Re: Good day for drying sized papers outside!

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Date: 07/26/05-07:18:36 PM Z
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we lucked out today..... the temperature dropped, so our pants didn't! We
are also getting a much needed rain.... tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful
day with sun and temp around 75! I'm going into Chicago for the day and hit
the photo galleries and the Art Institute!

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> "We cut open some watermelons and dropped our pants and sat in them to cool
> down.  Needless to say, we didn't eat the watermelon."
> How inventive, Mark!!!! In N.Z. we are never more than 100 miles from the
> sea I believe, so we never need to use our brains like that! We are in
> midwinter, usualy a chill and bleak state in my part of the country, but we have
> actually been able to go and sit outside the last few this is a heat
> wave for us! No snow for several weeks even. Temps between 1 and 10deg C
> today, positively balmy!
> Kate

Mark Nelson
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