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From: Don Bryant ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 07/26/05-08:24:52 PM Z
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You maybe interested in visiting this web site:

Here you will find a software service utility that provides extended
controls for your Epson printer.

I've not used it yet but you may be able to reset the ink counter to allow
continued use of your printer.

Disassembly of the 2200 is not a simple chore but I believe if you are so
inclined you can remove the waste ink pad and clean or replace it your self.

There are instructions and or maintenance manuals available on the web
available for purchase providing information about how to work on your
printer but I can't recall the source of these materials now.

Don Bryant

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> My Epson 2200 just gave me a message "Parts inside your printer are near
> the
> end of their service life. Contact your dealer for replacement" Anyone
> have
> experience with this?
> Best regards,
> Robert
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