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Date: 01/31/05-07:37:32 AM Z
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Judy said:
> Meanwhile, I mention again that when I RINSED after the hardening bath, I
> had NO YELLOWING. That doesn't solve the problem for folks who put the
> glyoxal in the gelatin... but it might encourage a different protocol ?

Mine rinsed right away still yellowed. Hmmm.

>>Robert said:
 am using glyoxal on the same papers without yellowing problems. My
workflow is too print the canyo layer (usually 12 to 14 for the week). I
then use three coats of gelatin and harden after the last coating (soaking
the paper in gelatin). As soon as the paper is dry I begin the gum layers.
It maybe the gum layers and washes take care of the yellowing?

Who knows? It seems the sitting around of the paper after the glyoxal is
put on does the deed, and if you are using glyoxal and then printing
immediately...but if I remember correctly Clay got his yellowing in a week,
or even 5 days.

I usually size 30 16x20's at a time and it'd be difficult to use right away.
I also size under my cyano layer.

>>Don said: I do have a question for Chris though. How do you hang your
>>paper to dry?From a single corner leaving a corner pointing straight down
>>or along the
top edge like a towel or sheet?

Two clothespins, so my beads of yellowing are all along one edge.

Don asked: Are you using baking soda with the glut Chris?

Never use baking soda with any of the sizes...
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