WTB: UNUSED K-12 or K-14 process film. (135, 120, super 8/double 8, etc), bulk, 70mm EIR, etc.

From: Alex Swain ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 01/31/05-07:02:07 AM Z
Message-id: <7d43074e05013105026543abaa@mail.gmail.com>

For various experimentations.

Please *email* if you have some and make your offer. I'm also open to
any old, unused film.(and when I say old 1940 is ok) .e.g. kodak
safety film, or any severely outdated film in general...(10-xx years
:) Bulk is ok, so is 70mm. Will pay a pretty penny for 70mm EIR.

Yes I did my homework on Ebay and Google, etc.


p.s the only stipulation I have is that you are moderately/highly
confident it wasn't damaged badly.

Alex Swain (fo)
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