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Date: 01/30/05-11:10:08 PM Z
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On Sun, 30 Jan 2005, Don Bryant wrote:
> The yellowing on my Rives was only apparent at the corners where the gelatin
> had formed a drop while drying. And not on all pieces showed this. However
> the yellow was much more intense than Chris's samples.

Because where the gelatin has made a bead or "drop" in the corner, it's
much thicker than it is on the straightaway. Per minimicron of gelatin
thickness the tone is probably the same.

Sorry I don't remember which papers with yellowing cleared with a long
soak, but I only had a couple that yellowed, & only on the edges, like
Don's. We should anyway be more careful about subject lines because I'm
pretty sure I mentioned that when we ran a thread on it a while back, but
.... probably under another subject line. To find them at this point I'd
have to deal with the mess in the studio which I can't do until I'm a more
perfect person.

Meanwhile, I mention again that when I RINSED after the hardening bath, I
had NO YELLOWING. That doesn't solve the problem for folks who put the
glyoxal in the gelatin... but it might encourage a different protocol ?

> I'm putting baking soda in the glyoxal, could that be the source of the
> gritty feeling. My Rives showed stain on both the yellow and magenta layers,
> clearing was quite difficult regardless of the temperature of the water or
> the length of soaking. Prints soaked over night still wouldn't clear well
> and had heavy speckling, especially with the magenta layer.

Now I wonder if that baking soda isn't just superstition, like throwing
salt over your shoulder. In THEORY it makes the links linkier, but no one
that I know of has ever run a control test of that.... and it does
complicate things.

> As soon as the spring thaw shows itself I'll size and harden paper. In the
> meantime I'll start preshrinking sheets.

Now THAT'S an optimist -- it's Jan.30 & he's talking about spring thaw !!!


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