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Date: 01/31/05-07:56:35 AM Z
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You're in Cairo???

I mix the gum powder 1 part gum plus one or two parts water. So 100g gum to
100-200cc water. If you mix the stiffer gum, at time of use you're adding
dichromate and water to dilute it anyway, so the most important thing is
feel under the brush at time of use. If you've mixed it too dilute, you
can't detract water, you know? It should spread easily, not puddle and not

My dichromate is a "dump and pour" method: I put a bunch of dichromate in
the bottom of a bottle, add distilled water, make sure the bottle always has
crystals undissolved in the bottom, and then I know it is a saturated
solution. I don't measure my dichromate.

Others can chime in with sizing answers...

> lump gum:
> indeed, lump takes two days to dissolve...i tried grinding it up into dust
> in a spice grinder too, it still took two days (don't grind, you'll never
> be able to filter out the impurities)...Christina, I've seen your gums
> online and they're magnificant...what ratio do you use for your gum cc:gm?
> also, do you just spoon in your dichromate? would love to know
> as for sizing, i don't have access to anything i can't make myself, so i
> need a good old-fashioned sizing process i can do with household
> ingredients...any thoughts? i've heard cornstarch, but that's not easy to
> find in cairo
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