Re: Gum print formaline

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;>
Date: 01/28/05-06:01:50 AM Z
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Hi Tim,
With glut, gelatin yellowing? No. With glyoxal, LOTS. Were you using glut
or glyoxal? Which paper?
I can pretty much predict that glyoxal and Fabriano Artistico Hot Press will
yellow in a short time with my set up here, no matter how i use it. I have
never experienced yellowing with glut, but if you have, I would be
interested in knowing.

> CZ, Have you had any challenges with the gelatin yellowing? I sized a
> bunch of paper about 6 months ago. Irecently pulled some out to print and
> it had yellowed. I had not run into that before so I am not sure of the
> cause.
> tim
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