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Hello Marilyn,
I am using the Maco Genius printfilm frequently for sevaral years in my
workshops and my own work. Before I used the deeply regretted AGFA
GO210p and N31p. The Maco film has a lot more contrast but I never saw
any of the defects some are mentioning. Actually I'm gradually going to
like it.

I am using it for a wide variety of techniques as gum, vdb, cyanotype,
salted paper and albumen. Development has to be finetuned for every
technique, but thats normal. I get good results for cyano and vdb when
developed in HC110 (dil B, 3 minutes in tray, contiuous agitation). For
gum I use diluted Agfa Neutol NE (1:30), also 3 minutes contiuous agitation.


Marilyn wrote:

> Hello,
> I've asked this at another web site, but thought this may be the place
> I should be asking.
> I am about to experiment making 8 X 10 negatives, via an enlarger,
> using Cachet, MACO Genius printfilm. Has anyone used this film
> before? If so, what developer do you use? Where would you start
> with your exposure?
> The negatives are to be used for cyanotypes and gums.
> Any comment would be appreciated. Thank you.
> Marilyn
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