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I thought I would add my comments about Maco Genius Printfilm. We have recently tested it by producing our T2115 21 step, step tablet on it. It is comparable to Ilford Ortho Plus in grain structure but has a wider density range. During the testing I was able to achieve a DMax of 4.3 with a base (Dmin) of .04. It was developed in Ilford Phenisol (which sadly has been discontinued) and Ilford HC. Both of which provided similar results.

I know your application is totally different from ours but thought a little added, variant information about the film might come in handy.


Kevin Morris
Stouffer Industries

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  I've asked this at another web site, but thought this may be the place I should be asking.

  I am about to experiment making 8 X 10 negatives, via an enlarger, using Cachet, MACO Genius printfilm. Has anyone used this film before? If so, what developer do you use? Where would you start with your exposure?

  The negatives are to be used for cyanotypes and gums.

  Any comment would be appreciated. Thank you.


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