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Date: 01/27/05-08:59:57 PM Z
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CZ, Have you had any challenges with the gelatin yellowing? I sized a
bunch of paper about 6 months ago. Irecently pulled some out to print and
it had yellowed. I had not run into that before so I am not sure of the


>From: Kees Brandenburg <>
>Subject: Re: Gum print formaline
>Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 15:39:03 +0100
>Hello Chris,
>How much 2.8% gelatin solution contains your thermos?
>Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
>>Yes, I have been using 6 ml of the 2.5% to a 2.8% gelatin (Knox brand).
>>Let me tell you my process--it may help:
>>I soak the gelatin and then heat it up to between 140 and 160; then I pour
>>it into a dedicated thermos. I squirt in the 6 ml glut and stir. Then I
>>go OUTSIDE and brush coat my paper. I pour in about 1/4 cup of the
>>solution into the top of the thermos and use that. The rest remains hot,
>>until I need to fill up the cup again.
>>This way I am exposed to very little glut. I hang the paper to dry on a
>>clothesline with baby hangers with 2 clothespins each.
>>I have been using either 2 coats or 1 coat of this, and it seems not to
>>make a difference. 2 coats may be overkill. On Artistico (the new) you
>>definitely only need one coat. 500ml of this coats 30 16x20 sheets one
>>Of course, the reality of my sizing process is this: this week I
>>struggled, b----ing and moaning, with Fabriano Uno and sizing. I ran out
>>of Artistico and Jerry's Artarama did, too. In the meantime, it decided
>>to get cold here, so I was outside in the evening, trying to quickly size
>>30 16x20's. It was getting darker and colder. The gelatin was deciding to
>>make Jello when it hit the paper. The humidity has been low so every time
>>I print I have to wet the back of the paper to get it to expand enough to
>>fit the negative. Not a good week.
>>One thing I did find out, interestingly, is that my gum layers are
>>glossier on Uno. Maybe the Jello sizing has contributed to that effect.
>>But I want my Fabriano Artistico back...
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