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From: Robert Schaller ^lt;>
Date: 09/01/04-06:06:16 PM Z
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On 9/1/04 4:25 PM, "Sandy King" <> wrote:

> But what is the big deal about the attachments? They downloaded on my
> system in less than two seconds. If your ISP requires 5 - 55 minutes
> it might be time to consider changing provider and joining the rest
> of us in the 21st century. Just a thought.
I have to chime in here,too: I live in a very remote area, and I don't want
to shell out $100 a month for satellite internet, which is my only option
other than dialup. Not all of us live in an area with DSL or cable. I
routinely download everything (though this has caused me to change that) and
I too had to wait about 10 minutes while the unexpected attachments came
down. So please, give us a link if you want to share photos! Don't send
them here!

    Robert Schaller
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