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Date: 09/01/04-09:45:34 PM Z
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I use Eudora on a Mac for most of my e-mail, and it has a handy function.
I can set a limit on the size message it will automatically download from
the server. For messages exceeding this length, it gives me the headers
and body text (or the first xx kB of the message if it's all in the body)
and leaves the bulk of the message on the server. I can then decide, based
on the headers and body text, whether to download it or just delete it from
the server. I assume that Eudora for the PC will do the same, and perhaps
other mail programs will, too, if you dig around in their menus for the
arcane functions.

Another thing that helps my time management immensely is deleting messages
without opening them, based on the subject and sender headers. Fully 75%
of all the mail I get from lists like this one (I'm on quite a few) goes
straight to the trash. (This is after my filters remove some without even
presenting me with the headers.) Of course, this tip won't do anything to
reduce long download times.

As a result of this strategy, I'm now almost sorry to say the message that
provoked this thread completely escaped my attention. Eudora downloaded
only the headers and body text, and evidently whatever the subject was, I
wasn't interested enough to look (or my filters removed it).

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