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Date: 09/01/04-04:25:00 PM Z
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With regard to Ryuji's comments about the "unsubscribe" requests, I
don't really believe he is that naive.

But what is the big deal about the attachments? They downloaded on my
system in less than two seconds. If your ISP requires 5 - 55 minutes
it might be time to consider changing provider and joining the rest
of us in the 21st century. Just a thought.


>From: Katharine Thayer <>
>Subject: Re: 55 minute download
>Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2004 10:47:49 +0000
>> Heck, why would they see the instructions not to send attachments
>> any more than they see the instructions about how to unsubscribe?
>For some reason I always thought that those deliberately
>misdirected/misformatted unsubscribe requests are signals that tell
>"we've had this thread for long enough."
>Ryuji Suzuki
>"You have to realize that junk is not the problem in and of itself.
>Junk is the symptom, not the problem."
>(Bob Dylan 1971; source: No Direction Home by Robert Shelton)
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