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From: John Cremati ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/01/04-07:09:23 PM Z
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      My phone service provides ulimited internet access for free. (
Core.Comm) so I did not want the expense of dsl or cable as I simpley do
not use it that much. ..... .. To help the situation though I had
purchased a top of the line US Robotics Model# USR5610B phone modem for my
out of date Pentium 3 computer with Windows 98........It dramatically
improved the perfomance in my computer.. The downloads were almost twice as
fast! ( I am sure it is still slow though compared to dsl or cable) . The
modem has a on board processor so it does all the processing of internet
chores before it ever gets to the computer... It will also allow you to
answer the phone with out breaking internet connections so you do not need a
second phone line.........If you have a old computer , this frees things up
dramatically.. The card costs $68 bucks at New Egg but it was the single
best upgrade item I had purchased.
        I also beefed up the computer with 356 mb memory, dual 40 gig
hard drives with 8mb bufferes, high end video card, new cd burner( very fast
with all the latest ), new cd player... Updated all the drivers and tweeked
the bios settings ...... I did this just to see what could be done with a
old computer..$350 spent and its a screamer !
John Cremati
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