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It saddens me to hear grumbling in the Apple community. Maybe it's time for
you to consider Windows? The hardware is dirt cheap and lightning fast.
There are drivers for everything. Stable, too: I've got one machine that
hasn't been rebooted in months.

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On Sat, 20 Nov 2004, Tom Ferguson wrote:
> ... Hey, I still run OS8.6 on an old laptop (the only one that still
> runs SCSI) :-(

Ah, OS 8.6 -- the perfect system. It NEVER crashed, and talked to me
nicely. The problem was that handling large graphic files was like
watching grass grow -- and I have to say for the G4 that it is fast. I
rarely do larger than 20 or so megabytes, but at that size most operations
are instantaneous.

> I think for the time being I'm just going to keep that old fellow (a
> around for scanning. It has been a wonderfully reliable little fellow. I
> can't afford a new laptop and a new scanner with XMas coming up!

Ah, Xmas. Short of converting to anti-consumer mode (as the Reverend
Billy's Stop Shopping movement), or possibly converting to Orthodox
Judaism, you clearly have a problem.

I, too, have the old Performa with System 8.6 under a table in a
storeroom: Absolutely useless for present operations -- but, a
security blanket.

PS: Why did you choose a laptop? Were there better alternatives in other
configurations? One thought I'm having would be to just throw money at my
present problem -- buy a laptop and put the camera software on it, then
transfer by CD to the G4....?

PPS. However, as I may have mentioned before, I still use a rotary phone.
It lets me imagine that I still have some will beyond the will of the

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