Digital negatives and Cyanos

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Date: 11/21/04-04:06:17 AM Z
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I´m in between phase creating some diginegs from series of digital shots I made few
days ago.

I have some options and don´t know which one will produce best or most artistic results.

#1 Print papernegative and oil it before final printing

#2 Print papernegative and then photocopy it to transparent overhead projector film

#3 Print directly to transparent film and print it as "normal" LF negative

Printing methods available are:
a) Old and reliable HP 840C inkjet
b) Laserprinter
c) Professional copyshop

Which one might produce best (or artistic) result when final cyanos are concerned as
subject of result?

Link to pictures I´m about to print are in my webgallery:

Timo Sund
Palaios Photos
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