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Date: 11/21/04-10:41:13 AM Z
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Now, Now, Stop That!... platform wars came be soooooo unpleasant. I've
had to work with and maintain a few PCs for clients.

Cheaper, well yes you can buy poor quality PCs very cheaply. Apple has
resisted the temptation to put out low quality cheap boxes (a good
thing in my mind). Buy a well made PC with equal to Mac quality
components and the price difference is small (yes, PCs are slightly
cheaper). Build it yourself PC, you will easily beat the Apple price
(assuming you don't add a value for your time). But, that is something
most folks don't want to (or can't) do. I think it could be fun. I wish
it was more do-able on the Mac side!

Drivers for everything, yes they are "available" for PC but with too
many conflicts. The PC side is a far more "open" hardware system than
Mac. That leads to far more hardware/driver conflicts than I've ever
seen on a Mac. Of course that can be argued as an "advantage". One
could try and convince folks that the number of conflicts are higher
primarily because the number of options are higher (more "stuff" is
made for PC than Mac).

We won't go into PC worms, viruses, spyware, endless security updates
issued after problems have already been exploited........

Could I be biased, yep. I've never gotten to buy and set up a PC on my
own. I've always gotten "thrown at" a problem PC by a client ("hey Tom
knows computers, let see if Tom can fix it").

Me, I will happily stay with the Mac. I like it, I know it, it works. I
like the interface better, I like color management being part of the
OS. I'll live with some limited choices being the "minority" market.

Others, know and like the PC. They will work with add on color
management (just how difficult is Adobe Gamma?), they will guard
against viruses, they will enjoy more hardware and software choices
than I have.

Set up and maintained correctly, we will do the same computer work :-)

Anyone want to argue Nikon versus Canon?

On Sunday, November 21, 2004, at 12:25 AM, Keith Gerling wrote:

> It saddens me to hear grumbling in the Apple community. Maybe it's
> time for
> you to consider Windows? The hardware is dirt cheap and lightning
> fast.
> There are drivers for everything. Stable, too: I've got one machine
> that
> hasn't been rebooted in months.
Tom Ferguson
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