Re: Trick for increasing speed of photo papers?

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Date: 11/19/04-11:57:20 AM Z
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From: Loris Medici <>
Subject: Re: Trick for increasing speed of photo papers?
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 00:39:13 +0200

> I inspected Ryuji's DS-10 formula... There are some chemicals that I
> don't know (such as Dimezone S and Triethanolamine - also I'm not
> sure that I can obtain these locally)... Gordon and Ryuji, which
> ready-made developer (Xtol, D76, various paper developers) would you
> recommed with this film? Also, how should I handle / use this high
> contrast film for making pictorial negatives (want to make
> Ziatypes).

You can use Phenidone, Phenidone B, or Dimezone in place of Dimezone
S. Substitution by weight for weight is good enough.

If you can't find triethanolamine, some modification is needed to
adjust the pH, because it is a part of the pH buffer. Among off shelf
products, I'd say XTOL 1+1 or 1+2 and Technidol are worth trying. But
a lot of people seem to have troubles with Technidol.

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