Jobo 3005, PMK, & 5x7 Tri-X

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Date: 11/19/04-12:12:27 PM Z
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I had a couple runs of 5x7 to do here which for me is
an unusual size, but since the Jobo 3005 drum is
supposed to handle that size, I figured no problems
would occur.
Well, I ran the film w/a 5 min. presoak and after
completion, 4 of the 5 sheets were actually stuck to
the sides of the tubes in the drum! This left a
purplish mark where, as I quickly figured out, the
film had not received fixing on the base side of the
film. I re-fixed the film and then afterwards put the
sheets into a kodalk solution to get the stain back up
to par and all was well.
So aside from the major hassle of re-fixing and doing
the 30 min. wash AGAIN, all came out fine.

With greater solution quantities, I ran the balance of
the film (2 sheets w/over one liter of solution) and
one of the sheets had the same problem.

I'm wondering if anyone here has had this same problem
w/5x7 as NONE of my 8x10 Tri-X EVER has a problem
using the same drum and exact same techniques.

Jobo has cut back on their support now so they charge
$10 a question or some such nonsense and their email
support is slow to non-existent FYI.

Thanks in advance and I'm still looking for any info
on the "mourning images" i posted as to whether anyone
is familiar w/these kinds of images. Thank you to
those who commented previously. =)


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