Re: Trick for increasing speed of photo papers?

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Thanks Gordon, will look at the sites you mentioned...

Kodak CGP... wait a minute... now I remember that there was a supplier that
stocks Kodak CMRA2000... I guess this is the same thing as Kodak CGP... Yes,
the product code listed in Kodak Polychrome site is CGP and CGPM (M is for
the matte surface)... Great! It seems that I will be able to find this film
locally. Thank you very much!

I inspected Ryuji's DS-10 formula... There are some chemicals that I don't
know (such as Dimezone S and Triethanolamine - also I'm not sure that I can
obtain these locally)... Gordon and Ryuji, which ready-made developer (Xtol,
D76, various paper developers) would you recommed with this film? Also, how
should I handle / use this high contrast film for making pictorial negatives
(want to make Ziatypes).


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> I've been able to get an asa of 10 to 12 with Ryuji's DS10 developer using
> Kodak CGP lith film. see
> To get this speed I need to flash the film - expose it to just below the
> fog level.
> See for the
> developer.
> CGP is available in a wide variety of sizes as well as rolls. I think its
> possible to get rolls from something like 6 inches wide to 24 inches wide.
> Could make some interesting pinhole panormic cameras using this film :)
> Gord
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