RE: Trick for increasing speed of photo papers?

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Date: 11/18/04-12:21:47 PM Z
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Loris, you wrote:

> I want to make a panoramic pinhole camera and will
> use photo-paper as film

Why do you want to use a slow emulsion... when what you
really want is a fast one?!!

Use Fast Film... or at least a fast "film" emulsion.
If you must have it on paper you could coat it yourself.
>Photo paper is pretty slow (ISO 2 to 10)

I don't think so...
Paper speeds are slower, more like less than or equall to
about ISO 1.25

Where did you get those figures?

While it is not impossible to make, an ISO 10 paper would
likely be to fast for most enlarging/darkroom
manipulations except for really huge enlargements.
If anyone knows of any paper having such speed, please
describe it to me.

I woluld like to learn about it.


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