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I have been doing the same thing with liquid emulsion over stained glass for
about a year - the hard part was getting the liquid emulsion to stick to the
glass. then I just coated the image with gold leaf size, leafed it and
sealed the leaf with a proprietary leaf glaze. The image is view through the
glass. So far I have tried a couple of ways to display but nothing
satisfactory as far as galleries go - I can't get anyone to take them as
originally mounted, in silk-covered boxes. New Zealand is not a good place
for innovators :(

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> Mac,
> This may not directly answer your question but let me tell you one
> idea: I was in a gallery in San Fran, and there were these 4x5 images for
> $1100, that were said to be this really hard process, invented by the
> (for sure this part is true). What they were were polaroid lifts (not
> transfers) put on top of a layer of gold acrylic paint on glass. I was
> discussing it with my friend (not a photographer) and I bet her I could go
> home and approximate this in an hour. So I did. It looks just like an
> orotone.
> I would assume that the Kodalith film, being transparent, would be placed
> over the layer of gold leaf in a sandwich. The gold leaf would show thru
> the highlights the most, so it would be a positive Kodalith. Then the
> it is imbedded in could well be that part A/B stuff you mix, but that part
> am not sure of...but this may get you started thinking in the right
> direction.
> I should really keep all my secrets to myself so I could earn $1100 for an
> hour's worth of work. Or, at least, $550 because the gallery makes the
> other half.
> Chris
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> Subject: Luis González Palma, and mock Ambrotypes
> Hello!
> I'm a fan of the works of Luis González Palma . He makes some nice ruby
> Ambrotypes. What I have seen on some of his current prints done on
> film, mounted somehow over gold leaf, and described as embeded in resin.
> Here's a link to one:
> es_a_Llover_Then_It_Starts_to_Rain.html
> I haven't seen one of these in person. Anyone know what kind of resin he
> uses?
> How does he embed the kodalith on the leaf?
> How is presented, if anyone has seen one? In a frame with a matt? Mounted
> a board?
> Looks like an interesting thing to do with the enlarged positives I have.
> Thanks
> Mac
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