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     This may not directly answer your question but let me tell you one
idea: I was in a gallery in San Fran, and there were these 4x5 images for
$1100, that were said to be this really hard process, invented by the artist
(for sure this part is true). What they were were polaroid lifts (not
transfers) put on top of a layer of gold acrylic paint on glass. I was
discussing it with my friend (not a photographer) and I bet her I could go
home and approximate this in an hour. So I did. It looks just like an
I would assume that the Kodalith film, being transparent, would be placed
over the layer of gold leaf in a sandwich. The gold leaf would show thru in
the highlights the most, so it would be a positive Kodalith. Then the resin
it is imbedded in could well be that part A/B stuff you mix, but that part I
am not sure of...but this may get you started thinking in the right
I should really keep all my secrets to myself so I could earn $1100 for an
hour's worth of work. Or, at least, $550 because the gallery makes the
other half.
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I'm a fan of the works of Luis González Palma . He makes some nice ruby
Ambrotypes. What I have seen on some of his current prints done on Kodalith
film, mounted somehow over gold leaf, and described as embeded in resin.
Here's a link to one:

I haven't seen one of these in person. Anyone know what kind of resin he

How does he embed the kodalith on the leaf?

How is presented, if anyone has seen one? In a frame with a matt? Mounted on
a board?

Looks like an interesting thing to do with the enlarged positives I have.


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