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I also admire the work of Luis González Palma. I have viewed it a number
of times over the years at the Schneider Gallery in Chicago. Martha
Schneider knows him very well and is intimately involved in his work—in fact she
helped him find a less expensive source for his gold leaf.

You can view a number of really good examples of his work at the Schneider
gallery website:
Schneider Gallery Chicago : Represented Artist Detail : Luis Gonzalez Palma

If you examine the works closely you will see the rectangular sheets
of gold leaf. They are placed on a red background support which can be seen
showing through in some spots. Then the surface is covered by resin and a sheet
of kodalith is placed over it and it is allowed to dry... the process is
done very well, because you will not see any bubbles and it seems very uniform.
 The resin coat is not very thick and is very gives a depth to
the whole image and has the contrast of a glossy print. They are very
striking, as the light catches the gold leaf. The resin is very clear.

When I get home from visiting my sister in Connecticut, I could contact
Martha and find her cheap source for the gold leaf—she offered to get me some
after I had described a project I wanted to do (before I saw the
Palma prints).

Hope that is helpful.

By the way, Martha Schneider runs a very fine gallery and knows her
photography. I do believe if you went there, you would also find works by
Sam Wang. She shows a lot of work done with alt photo methods,

Mark Nelson
Precision Digital Negatives
Mark I. Nelson Photography

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> Hello!
> I'm a fan of the works of Luis González Palma . He makes some nice ruby
> Ambrotypes. What I have seen on some of his current prints done on Kodalith
> film, mounted somehow over gold leaf, and described as embeded in resin.
> Here's a link to one:
> es_a_Llover_Then_It_Starts_to_Rain.html
> I haven't seen one of these in person. Anyone know what kind of resin he
> uses?
> How does he embed the kodalith on the leaf?
> How is presented, if anyone has seen one? In a frame with a matt? Mounted on
> a board?
> Looks like an interesting thing to do with the enlarged positives I have.
> Thanks
> Mac
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