Re: Trick for increasing speed of photo papers?

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Date: 11/18/04-04:48:26 PM Z
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Hi Bill,

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> Loris, you wrote:
> 1.
>> I want to make a panoramic pinhole camera and will
>> use photo-paper as film
> Why?
> Why do you want to use a slow emulsion... when what you
> really want is a fast one?!!
> Use Fast Film... or at least a fast "film" emulsion.
> If you must have it on paper you could coat it yourself.

Because I was unable to find sheet films locally (Istanbul, Turkey)...
There's no sheet film present in the local market larger than 4x5. And even
at that size, absolutely no B&W emulsions exist. Thanks to the info provided
by Gord, I will try an ortho film by Kodak.

> -----
> 2.
>>Photo paper is pretty slow (ISO 2 to 10)
> I don't think so...
> Paper speeds are slower, more like less than or equall to
> about ISO 1.25
> Where did you get those figures?

There are individuals which are saying that they're rating some high speed
papers (P1000 - P640) ISO 10 to 15. I'm transferring info from them. I guess
some use laser drilled calibrated pinholes (keeping out the risk of using
invalid F value).

> While it is not impossible to make, an ISO 10 paper would
> likely be to fast for most enlarging/darkroom
> manipulations except for really huge enlargements.
> If anyone knows of any paper having such speed, please
> describe it to me.

What about papers designed for machine printing? (Kodak Panalure? and Ilford

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