RE: Trick for increasing speed of photo papers?

From: Loris Medici ^lt;>
Date: 11/18/04-06:58:45 AM Z
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Thanks to all for replies.

I want to make a panoramic pinhole camera and will use photo-paper as
film - that's why I was asking that question. Photo paper is pretty slow
(ISO 2 to 10) so I was looking for ways to decrease the exposure times
(in my setup it's 2 to 25 minutes depending on lighting).

Perhaps I should try with lith film (but it's getting harder and harder
to find lith film here in Turkey). What people here do know about new
style so-called Rapid-Access emulsions? There are many variants (argon
laser, IR, this and that...) which variant may be used for in-camera
daylight work?

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