RE: Want more glow in Pt/Pd

From: Don Bryant ^lt;>
Date: 11/10/04-09:41:16 AM Z
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> See for some more info about the product.

Hey this is where I purchased my Hydrocote. Highland hardware is an
interesting hardware store.
> I have the satin version of this product which just arrived (the only
> difference with the gloss version is that there's a small amnt. wax - a
> kind of - added to the formula. I preferred this because my intention
> was to protect the print, not to increase the gloss of the paper) and
> will make a trial this weekend. I can inform you and other list members
> about the result if you like - if there is someone already tried this,
> can you please share your experience?

I've tried it on inkjet prints only. Rod coating is a hassle, takes practice
and requires a very long rod for prints larger than 8x10.

> Another question: Is there anyone that thinks coating a Pt/Pd print with
> a poliurethane of uncertain longevity - to me at least - is a kind of
> "herecy"? ;)

Some might, but if it makes you happy why worry.

Don Bryant
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