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> > Any ideas for a more aggressive approach that might increase the glow
> > and snap of dry Pt./Pd. prints? Has anyone tried soaking a completed
> > print in gelatin, or coating it with another colloid such as gum
> > arabic? Other suggestions?

Hi Sandy,
I'm not sure here whether you are asking about using a coat of
dichromated and irradiated gum arabic over the print, or coating it with
straight unhardened gum arabic. If you're thinking of unhardened gum
arabic, a couple thoughts:

Be aware that gum at the usual concentration for gum printing will
crack as it dries; it needs extra water in the gum to keep it from
cracking. The good news is that dried unhardened gum arabic is
extremely water soluble, so if the coating did crack you could just wash
it off and try again.

The solubility of the gum, and its acidity in solution, may be a
consideration for permanence of the paper.

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