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Formaldehyde solution with methanol is sometimes available at a
recreational vehicle store or a general big box retailer like XXX_Mart.
It is used to stabilize the on-board toilet holding tanks.
Paraformaldehyde is also available and used for the same purpose.

Gene Robkin

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LOL Joe, great suggestions, but it had me laughing. I had a visual of
us photographers running to our neighborhood mortuaries searching for
hardeners...explaining to a mortician what we do with formaldehyde would
like explaining to my local liquor store why I was buying Everclear.

Maybe she can do her sizing of paper at the mortuary, so if she drops
from mixing glyoxal and formaldehyde she won't have far to go, eh
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>>>> 11/09/04 7:36 PM >>>
> ... Or will I drop dead on the spot?
> Does anyone know of a source for formaldehyde? ...
> Candace Spearman
> Candace,
> You might try a local mortuary. Perhaps they would be willing to part
> with a small amount if you explain the purpose. Or a biology lab...
> Joe
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