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Date: 05/26/04-10:21:43 PM Z
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From: Kerik <>
Subject: Re: Everclear Alcohol and Gum
Date: Wed, 26 May 2004 14:29:33 -0700

> Tom - Everclear added to gelatin sizing reduces bubbles and therefore also
> reduces the sparkliness of the dried sizing, if that matters to you. I
> use it at about a ratio of 20:1 sizing:everclear.

Alcohols, especially larger alcohol molecules are said to be a mild
antifoaming agent. Ethanol isn't considered large with this respect
but if used at such large quantity it may have some useful degree of

There are several kinds of antifoaming agents, of which I find
silicone oil emulsion to work very well as a final additive. Together
with wetting agent, even coating without bubbles is much easier.

The other day, I found a wide foam roller (8" wide?) saying it's good
for extra smooth finish comparable to spray painting. I can't wait to
use it to coat some paper... (I just got a flat file cabinet to dry
22x30" paper in!)

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