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> If you go to a printing supply business, such as Kelly
Paper in Calif, they sell a gallon of 99% pure alcohol for
about $15.99. Works for me with Plt/Pla and should work for
everything else where Everclear works. Should only need a
galon per lifetime.
> George Johnson
> >
    I don't know if Isopropyl alcohol is suitable but if it
is one can get 99% at many drugstores. Locally, I get it at
Long's Drugs, Sav-On does not have it. 16 oz is less than $2
but I can't remember the exact price. I use this stuff for
optical cleaning and as a film cleaner. The problem with
alcohol is that it rapidly absorbs water from the atmosphere
and will become 91% pretty quickly. The problem is that at
91% it will leave a residue of water behind making it
useless as a cleaning solvent. If its being put into
solution with something else this degree of "purity", really
dryness, may not be necessary. At work, we buy the stuff in
gallons for use as a head cleaner for video tape recorders.
We use it fast enough to allow the use of the larger
containers. We buy it from an industrial supplier in case
lots so I have no idea what the price is.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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