Re: Everclear Alcohol and Gum

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Date: 05/26/04-03:29:33 PM Z
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> One thing I've noticed is a lot of folks adding a bit of
> Everclear (very high proof grain alcohol) to both the size and the
> pigment mix. Interesting....... what is the advantage?

Tom - Everclear added to gelatin sizing reduces bubbles and therefore also
reduces the sparkliness of the dried sizing, if that matters to you. I
use it at about a ratio of 20:1 sizing:everclear.

Added to the gum solution, Everclear seems to help the coating go on
smoother and easier. Since I coat with a foam roller, ultra-smooth coating
is a no-brainer, so I usually don't add the everclear any more. I don't
remember exactly, but I using something on the order of 10 or 15 drops of
everclear per 10 ml of gum.

You can't get 190 proof Everclear in California or Nevada. But, Everclear
also comes in a 151 proof variety which I presume you can get in CA since
you can get 151 rum in CA. I've used both the 151 and 190 proof and they
seem to work equally well. I suppose 151 rum would work just as well, and
you can always mix up a rum and coke to quench your thirst while you print!

I tried denatured alcohol in the sizing and did not get the same results -
in fact it caused a problem with the subsequent gum layers. I don't think
I tried denatured in the gum solution, though.

Since you're in SoCal, if you ever go south of the border, you can also
get 190 proof grain alcohol in Mexico. I am told you are allowed to bring
in a bottle or two and HAVE it in CA, it just can't be sold here. But, you
should probably check with the border patrol guys first.

Here's gum in your eye!

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