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I don't know if her (O'Keeffe's) nails would sharpen someone's pencil, but
have you ever noticed Dolly Parton play the guitar with the incredibly long
nails she has? That has always amazed me, since most people finger a fretboard
with the very tips of their fingers.... as can be shown by the callouses just
below the nails. I wonder if there is a pile of sawdust on the floor after
she gets done playing one of those mountain ballads? If she ever plays Black
Mountain Rag she'll cut the neck of the guitar in half.

Stieglitz— "I before E, except after C" Or was it "I C London, I see
France..."? Oh of those things...maybe it was the one about something
always growing on the north side of the tree....I should have been paying more
attention in class....

Mark Nelson

I noticed that APIS in England was not included as one of the events likely
to be targeted by Al Queda. Perhaps alt photo attracts a lot of people because
it is a safe thing to do.

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> On Tue, 25 May 2004, PhotoGecko Austin wrote:
> > I happen to adore the one of Georgia's fingernails. . . . Sorry, but I
> > do!
> As noted, I think they're icky -- and come on, she couldn't sharpen a
> pencil with nails like that, let alone mix paint.
> > And as for the clouds. . . . Well, I really *wanted* to get them, but I
> > didn't get them at all.  They look like clouds, not at all like the
> > tormented brooding blood-letting orgies that I've experienced as
> > Emotions.
> I always thought he was thinking of higher type exquisitely sensitive
> and refined emotions... not that that changes matters much.
> > I mean. . . gimme a break, Alfred.  It may be a great cloud,
> > but it isn't angst or love or perplexity. . . .
> > So we disagree, and then we agree again.  I dunno.  It's like a wise
> > one once asked, as I recall, very early on in PF-- Who gets to decide?
> Obviously John, I do... just sometimes it takes a while for the world to
> come around.
> > Having been some 50 years or so (give or take several decades along the
> > way) in life-- I *can* imagine traveling 2000 miles (because 3000 miles
> > is just too far to go) to get away from someone I'm (yet) passionate
> > about. . . . And then traveling back again.   I can imagine (and this
> > was my point) Georgia defending the life's work of one she loved.   And
> > so, as I read her comments about Steiglitz's work I wondered
> > (self-consciously, as I said) what she meant.
> But I have led you astray, and for this I apologize... The name is
> S-T-I-E-G-LITZ....  When I came across the right spelling last night
> somewhere else, I was aghast, thinking I'd spelled it wrong in the issue.
> But it was OK there, just wrong in this e-mail.
> (Of course all right thinking names do "e" before "i", so in this he was
> also wrong.)
> > This conversation reminds me of the heated exchange (or was it just
> > luke-warm?) on the list a couple of years ago about Ansel Adam and
> > zones and calendars and greeting cards.  Who, I ask you, gets to decide?
> Yeah, Luke Worm.... I think the general consensus now is calendar art,
> that is, among sophisticates, not calendar buyers. I think, however, that
> nobody decides *permanently.* Reputations often shift, or rise & fall,
> like land masses. When they get debased enough, someone is bound to
> resurrect them. Someone from another time and totally out of it.
> > The original question (which led to all this projection, for gosh
> > sakes) was: Is Photography Art?
> I don't care what you call it -- it's interesting, and can do a lot of
> things we don't even know yet. Besides which, most "art" isn't art.
> > Meanwhile--I still buy the USPS set of photography stamps.  And I save
> > the Steigletz shot of Georgia's fingers for my best-intended envelopes.
> >   In fact!  -- I believe I put one on the envelope that carried my PF
> > subscription to New York City!
> And that was probably the one I used for the illustration, page 2.  I
> never bought those stamps & I don't remember getting it from anyone else.
> (It was as I recall uncancelled -- I guess the PO was impressed by her
> elegance).
> Thanks,
> > Oy, vey.
> agreed,
> Judy
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