Everclear Alcohol and Gum

From: Tom Ferguson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/26/04-03:13:03 PM Z
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After a few years away from gum printing, I'm working a new gum
project. My old paper is "discontinued", so I'm sort of "starting
over". One thing I've noticed is a lot of folks adding a bit of
Everclear (very high proof grain alcohol) to both the size and the
pigment mix. Interesting....... what is the advantage?

Problem: Everclear is illegal in my home state of California.

So, can I simply substitute some denatured or rubbing alcohol (non
grain alcohol)? Or, can I simply substitute some Vodka (perhaps a
larger percentage)? A bar tending web site said Everclear was basically
"overly strong bad tasting vodka"! I could pick some up on my next
trip to Las Vegas (everything is legal there), but I don't go there
often (I always lose to much $$$). Or, do I need a trip to TriEss
Science and get a few "funny looks" from the counter help when asking
for pure grain alcohol?

Tom Ferguson
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