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Denatured alcohol is ethyl alcohol with methyl alcohol added to make it undrinkable (denatured). It is not the same thing as vodka. For this reason, there is a negligible tax on denatured alcohol, but there is a huge tax (~$20/qt, I think) on ethyl alcohol. Don't even think of diluting denatured alcohol to the same concentration as vodka and drinking it.

Bill Leigh
> Tom,
> Vodka and denatured alcohol are the same thing (ethyl alcohol) at
> different concentration. You just need more vodka to get the same amount
> of alcohol in your mixture. As far as rum is concerned save it for
> experiments with coke, or diet coke.
> Marek Matusz
> > Here (after a few tests) is what I think I now know....
> >
> > In the sizing (gelatin) either denatured or vodka (1:20) does "matte"
> > the look of the sizing a bit and help with an even coat (if brush
> > sizing). Vodka "may" limit staining better after a few coats (very very
> > similar). Vodka is ?grain? alcohol and denatured is ?wood? alcohol, so
> > it is believable that they would work different.
> >
> > In the gum/color mix, vodka and denatured both help with an even brush
> > coating. I don't see anything else in the image or contrast. I simply
> > replaced 1/10 of my dichromate solution with alcohol (most folks are
> > suggesting that saturated Ammonium Dichromate isn't needed anyway).
> >
> > I may try and get some other purer (150 proof?) rum or Everclear and
> > see if that does anything different. But, early results say that ease
> > of coating is the biggest advantage.
> >
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