Re: Glutaraldehyde, it just keeps coming

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/26/04-06:03:07 AM Z
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Well, heck, I guess I don't mind making myself look like an idiot as
long as it serves the "integrity of data," and now I have some new
information to share.

To recapitulate, a couple of months ago I shared an experience that
seemed to be related to glutaraldehyde exposure. Last week I had another
episode, not related to glutaraldehyde, that while different in some of
its details (I didn't have any memory lapse, for example) felt so much
like the earlier one that I felt that it was likely that I'd had a
similar attack coincidentally with the glutaraldehyde, which had
probably been wrongly attributed to the chemical.

But my doctor, after hearing my descriptions of both episodes, said that
he truly believes that the first attack was due to toxic exposure and
not related to the second attack, even though they felt very similar to
me. He believes, in other words, that I was right the first time and
that I was poisoned by glutaraldehyde. One of the clues is that bad
taste I had in my mouth, and other differences that he says point to
toxic exposure, like that parts of my memory banks were temporarily

I don't know what you're all going to do with this conflicting
information; as for me and my house we won't be using glutaraldehyde
again regardless.
Katharine Thayer
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