Re: Carbons, gums and Pt/Pd on new site

From: Loris Medici ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 05/26/04-11:02:12 AM Z
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Hi H&C,

I use IE 6 SP2 on a XP machine. I cannot scroll up and
down in the gallery section because the scroll bar
doesn't show up - UNTIL I maximize and then restore
the window. Only then I can scroll in the section with
the images - not a big problem but I must admit I find
this annoying.

Very very nice work up there! Thanks for doing and
sharing it.


--- Hans & Chia <> wrote:
> Hi
> Thanks to all for your comments both on this list
> and off list. We
> will check further why it doesn't work. At home we
> have an old eMac
> for internet, and with Explorer 5.0 it works as it
> should. It also
> worked with Explorer 6 and Netscape 6 when we made
> the site. Would be
> glad to hear which browsers you are using when it
> does not work.
> H&C
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