Re: Carbons, gums and Pt/Pd on new site

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Date: 05/26/04-04:02:30 AM Z
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Hans & Chia wrote:
> Hi
> Thanks to all for your comments both on this list and off list. We
> will check further why it doesn't work. At home we have an old eMac
> for internet, and with Explorer 5.0 it works as it should. It also
> worked with Explorer 6 and Netscape 6 when we made the site. Would be
> glad to hear which browsers you are using when it does not work.

Netscape 4.08 works fine!

> The family images are from old b/w negs. The little girl with
> necklace is Chia in the end of the 50's. No individual colors are
> painted on the prints. I just used CMYK and one b/w neg. Some kind of
> hand coloring but "backwards".
> C

This is intriguing; it sounds perhaps like what I do sometimes to add
color to an area, or maybe not. (It was only the "backwards" not the
picture itself, that made me think of it.) For example, in this picture

I wanted to add some yellow-gold color to the light because the year I
took that picture, I had been struck by how yellow sunlight looked to me
when I first saw it after an especially sunless winter and spring, and I
wanted to express that golden quality in the print. So in addition to
the negatives I used for tone, I made another "negative" that was
actually a positive, to lay down some faint gold color in the lighter
areas between the trees.

Thanks for the opportunity to see more of your work. I think I still
like the yellow backlit flower the best, the one that was in Historic
Photographic Processes. It has such a lovely luminous quality to it.
Katharine Thayer
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