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Date: 05/26/04-08:54:27 AM Z
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Thanks to all for your comments both on this list and off list. We
will check further why it doesn't work. At home we have an old eMac
for internet, and with Explorer 5.0 it works as it should. It also
worked with Explorer 6 and Netscape 6 when we made the site. Would be
glad to hear which browsers you are using when it does not work.


The family images are from old b/w negs. The little girl with
necklace is Chia in the end of the 50's. No individual colors are
painted on the prints. I just used CMYK and one b/w neg. Some kind of
hand coloring but "backwards".

>Hans and Chia,
> Your work is beautiful, especially the nostalgic family images, like
>the little girl with the pearl necklace and the child and dog going in
>opposite directions. The woman in the hammock. Very emotive gum work.
> Sometimes, the buttons don't work, so I had to keep going around to
>find a link in order to get into the gallery. That was in both Netscape and
>in Explorer.
> I assume the old images are black and white negs. How did you get the
>hair so red in just that spot; do you paint individual colors there?

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