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     We must be at the computer at the same time! You at night, me in the

     It is a cheapy drug store spray bottle like a flower sprayer or hair
sprayer that sends out a fine but powerful mist--not a straight stream, but
a mist. I have been spraying ALL my gums this semester. They are

     Here's a lengthy explanation: I start spraying at the top border, so
the water runs down on the print. I can see by this whether the print is
stable. Then I spray directly on the print from about 6 inches away. If
the print is still stable, I can get closer if I need to. I have yet to
ruin a print by this method. In fact, I can get up within an inch of the
print and spray it, if I need to, and it doesn't wreck it.

     I no longer brush a print ever because brushing it produces a grainy
look. If I have to brush a print, I have overexposed (or underdeveloped)
it. Spraying just gently releases the unexposed gum. I may use half the
bottle, spraying one print. I'm developing good hand strength.

     I am exposing my diginegs for 3-4 minutes under UV BL lights. My paper
is brush sized. My layers are thin. I am using the equivalent of a 7%
ammonium dichromate, mixed 1:1 with my gum/pigment.

     You'll be seeing them soon on Ed Buffaloe's website, after I have
finished collapsing from reviews...

PS those who say gum doesn't print fine detail, then why does it print those
microfine lines of a bad digineg? You can't see them in the negative
hardly, but they sure will show up in a gum print...

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> That was me. Developing with a spray bottle? You mean the spray bottle
> for the window cleaners (or in watering delicate flowers ect.)? Can you
> please elaborate the details (is it like waterhose development)? Also,
> when developing in such an aggressive(!) way, do you think one can get
> consistency (yes, I know gum prints are unique - so who would care
> consistency - but also no one would want to rediscover America for
> every print I presume)?
> I'm happy for your achievement,
> Loris.
> P.S. Do you have a web site so I can see some of your work?
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> > A while back someone (forgive me, I forget, but was it
> > Miguel?) posted a time chart about how long it took to do a
> > gum print, and I saved it to show my professors but then a
> > snafu with my email erased all saved messages.
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