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Date: 03/02/04-07:19:08 AM Z
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That was me. Developing with a spray bottle? You mean the spray bottle
for the window cleaners (or in watering delicate flowers ect.)? Can you
please elaborate the details (is it like waterhose development)? Also,
when developing in such an aggressive(!) way, do you think one can get
consistency (yes, I know gum prints are unique - so who would care
consistency - but also no one would want to rediscover America for
every print I presume)?

I'm happy for your achievement,

P.S. Do you have a web site so I can see some of your work?

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> A while back someone (forgive me, I forget, but was it
> Miguel?) posted a time chart about how long it took to do a
> gum print, and I saved it to show my professors but then a
> snafu with my email erased all saved messages.
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