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Since the hand held mister is tiring to operate, you might want to buy a
'plant-misting nozzle' designed for use with a standard garden hose. It
could easily be adapted to your darkroom faucet. I have a variety of such
nozzles in my greenhouse, for use with my cactus collection. They all
operate with a thumb trigger valve.

I'll have to experiment with your spray development technique. It sounds

Gum is capable of recording intricate detail. I've had many people comment
on the "sharpness" and
"fine detail" of my gum prints on exhibit.

Best regards,
Dave in Wyoming

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> Loris,
> We must be at the computer at the same time! You at night, me in the
> morning!
> It is a cheapy drug store spray bottle like a flower sprayer or hair
> sprayer that sends out a fine but powerful mist--not a straight stream,
> a mist. I have been spraying ALL my gums this semester. They are
> consistent.
> Here's a lengthy explanation: I start spraying at the top border, so
> the water runs down on the print. I can see by this whether the print is
> stable. Then I spray directly on the print from about 6 inches away. If
> the print is still stable, I can get closer if I need to. I have yet to
> ruin a print by this method. In fact, I can get up within an inch of the
> print and spray it, if I need to, and it doesn't wreck it.
> I no longer brush a print ever because brushing it produces a grainy
> look. If I have to brush a print, I have overexposed (or underdeveloped)
> it. Spraying just gently releases the unexposed gum. I may use half the
> bottle, spraying one print. I'm developing good hand strength.
> I am exposing my diginegs for 3-4 minutes under UV BL lights. My
> is brush sized. My layers are thin. I am using the equivalent of a 7%
> ammonium dichromate, mixed 1:1 with my gum/pigment.
> You'll be seeing them soon on Ed Buffaloe's website, after I have
> finished collapsing from reviews...
> Chris
> PS those who say gum doesn't print fine detail, then why does it print
> microfine lines of a bad digineg? You can't see them in the negative
> hardly, but they sure will show up in a gum print...
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