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John wrote:

>I am bit confused with this line of questioning. Are you saying that
>PyrocatHD has less of a staining effect, thus it exposes faster under UV

I am confused by the question. I don't remember anything like that
being mentioned in my exchange with Cor.


>On 2/27/04 4:49 PM, "Breukel, C. (HKG)" wired:
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>>> From: Sandy King []
>>> Yes, Fortepan film is available in the US. I have been involved in a
>>> lot of film testing over the past month or so for a book project and
>>> it is one of the films that I tested. It performs about on a par with
>>> Ilford HP5+, which means that it is an ok film for medium and high
>>> contrast scenes but something of a dog with low contrast lighting.
>>> This is due to the fact that after a certain point of development the
>>> contrast levels out and further time in the development merely
>>> increases density, but not contrast. For printing with processes like
>>> carbon, kallitype, palladium and Pt/Pd I would reserve it primarily
>>> for high and medium contrast scenes.
>> ..Sandy,
>> I assume you used your PyrocatHD developer on Fortepan and HP5+ in above
>> experiments?
>> Best,
>> Cor
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