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From: Tom Ferguson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 06/26/04-08:43:31 PM Z
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I have hope it is just a matter of balancing the curves. I'm using
classic cyanotype, Daniel Smith Permanent Yellow Deep #133 (PY110), and
Daler-Rowney Permanent Magenta #409 (PV19).

Here is the odd thing(s):
If I print a step wedge with each color individually they appear fine.
If I print a step wedge with the cyan and yellow, I get the expected
green (perhaps slightly blue).
If I print a step wedge with cyan and magenta I get the expected blue
(perhaps slightly red).
If I print a step wedge with the yellow and magenta I get the expected
red (perhaps slightly orange).
It is only when combining all three that I get the brown/warm tone.

The error is small, but absolutely repeatable. I "think" I still have
too much cyan in shadows and too much yellow in the highlights. My
first prints with the new yellow obviously had this problem, after I
tweaked the curves I got the brown tone. A scan of one of the wedge's
"brown" steps gave me 21 units of cyan, 28 units of magenta, and 42
units of yellow.

Not bad for someone who started this thread complaining that his
yellows were far too weak!!!!!!

On Saturday, June 26, 2004, at 07:30 AM, Katharine Thayer wrote:

> Tom Ferguson wrote:
>> After all of the wonderful help I received on my tri-color gum work, I
>> though I would share my first image. This is VERY unfinished. This is
>> a collage of kalli and gum prints. I'm still getting too much yellow
>> (actually an almost brown tone) that keeps the gum prints from having
>> the visual separation from the Kalli prints they should have. But, I'm
>> close :-)
>> Let me know what you think.
>> --------------
>> Tom Ferguson
> Hmm, interesting, Tom. An interesting project!
> I don't know what to say about the brownish tone in the yellow. As I
> think I may have already said, in an extremely pale tint my M. Graham
> PY110 looks tan by itself, but when the other colors join it, it takes
> on a nice pale buttery yellow hue. In medium to strong concentrations
> it
> looks and prints a pure medium yellow, and in very heavy concentration
> it tends toward orange, but a deep bright orange rather than a brownish
> orange.
> I hope it's not the Daniel Smith PY110 that's turning your prints
> toward
> brown, since I was planning to go to the Daniel Smith PY110 when my M.
> Graham runs out.
> Just to check: I'm looking at the rightmost gum print which has
> yellowish brown areas on it; am I correct in understanding you to mean
> that these areas, for example, should be less brown and more yellow?
> I've forgotten; what are your other pigments again?
> kt
Tom Ferguson
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