looking 4 a book: Carbon Printing by E.J. Wall

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Date: 06/27/04-09:52:47 AM Z
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I'm looking for this book:
Carbon Printing, E.J. Wall
The Amateur Photographer's Library, No. 8, Fourth Edition
1898, London, Hazell, Watson, & Viney
The author presents both the history and the process of carbon printing.
The frontispiece is a carbon print of Musselburgh fishwives taken on a
Barnet plate from a negative by E.J. Wall.

Does anyone know if it is available on internet (digital form) or does
anyone have a copy he is willing to
send to me? I'll pay for the costs.

You can see a picture of the cover on my website:
There are also some other books, i'm looking for.

Bert from Holland

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